Allow the Body to Reduce Pain with Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell treatment is often associated with addressing issues related to cancer and other diseases. There are many other health benefits to this process. Area residents, struggling with tendon or cartilage pain can experience relief through stem cell treatment Delray Beach experts. These professionals can pinpoint a variety of joint issues and provide targeted treatment.

This type of treatment allows stem cells to perform the way they are meant to. They can be directed to the site where injury has occurred. These cells actually work to repair these areas, allowing the body to reduce its own pain. Cells are harvested from the body and are not associated with embryonic origins. Physicians in this area are qualified to perform procedures that can address a wide array of pain and discomfort.

Procedure Expectations

Stem cells or PRP are harvested from the patient as a first step in the process. After this takes place, it is possible to inject these cells back into the patient. The procedure takes place generally within 15 minutes. Cells are delivered directly to the problem area. In some instances, several injections are necessary. This depends upon the severity of the condition.

After Surgery

Each patient’s experience with this type of treatment is likely to be different. The results vary and will take time to see improvements. These procedures are considered to be repair processes and affect the tissue. Generally it takes 2 to 3 months for tissue to repair itself. Studies have shown that 86% of patients who have had these procedures are satisfied with their results.

You may have experienced pain related to knee injuries or rotator cup problems. These problems can progressive get worse without proper treatment. Stem cell treatment can also be used to help individuals with arthritis. This is an alternative that has proven effective and appeals to many over traditional procedures.